“Club Z tutoring gets an A+ from me. My daughter was struggling and frustrated with Calculus and Physics. Thanks to her Club Z tutor she gained the skills and confidence to excel. Club Z found her a tutor that was compatible and able to explain concepts to her so they made sense. I recommend Club Z to anyone who needs a tutor. I’m so happy that she can still use Club Z tutors for her upcoming college courses.”

– Lori M.  Santa Monica, California 8/1/2016


“Jr. High was a bit rough! I didn’t even know what Common Core was let alone offer any help. It was so frustrating not to be able to help when my daughter was struggling. So I finally broke down and got some help for her which ultimately helped me. I didn’t feel guilty for not being able to help my own child with 8th grade math! The tutor was excellent, professional and fully background checked. So no worries there and the consultation was free! Over all it was a great experience. I highly recommend Club Z!”

– Kelly D. Los Angeles, California 8/2/2016


“Club Z tutoring exceeds expectations & delivers results!
My child was struggling with chemistry all year long.  To the point that her confidence was negatively affected and was reflective in her grades.  She spent time with her teacher; we had her stay after school, hired various tutors to try and help her but, to no avail.  We had exhausted our ideas of how to help our child.  She knew we were trying everything to help her, which made her think she was not capable of doing better.  We saw an ad for Club Z! and as a last effort contacted them.  From the moment we spoke with Ms. Keli Gaines, one could hear her genuine care and sincerity towards helping our child.  We found out that she has over 17 years of teaching experience…  And it shows!  Keli took the time to get to know our daughter before pairing her with the right tutor.  Tony was exactly what was needed to bring the best out in our daughter.  It was the teaching techniques combined with teaching styles that helped her.  From the onset, Club Z began to build her confidence through reassurance and positive affirmations.  Our daughter just finished her summer chemistry class with an A!!!  Thank you Keli and thank you Club Z!!!”

-Jesus M.  Santa Monica, California  8/6/2016